Intro to Backend: Is Browser The Only Place To Send HTTP Request?

时间:2019-08-20 来源

  Today,? I begin to learn the second part of web develop course: backend.

  Frontend is the stuff that we can see and interactive with, such as HTML, CSS, and JS. We can type our code, style our page, or write some function to make interaction. However, backend is everything else.

  For example, we type Target web address in the Internet Browser.


  As we hit “enter”, there are a few steps to go through:

  1. The HTTP request is sent to a particular server’s IP address.

  2. The server figures out what to send us

  3. It sends a HTTP response back to us

  Those process we are hard to see, and it happens in less than one second.

  The instructor said that the browser is not the only place to send the HTTP request, and there are so many choices out there. In this learning course, we are going to use?Postman App.


  Postman allows us to make HTTP requests and viewer responses. It is really for developers to understand how things are working or debug something.

  In the Postman App, we can choose different types of request.


  The most important and frequent use of requests are:

  1.?Get:?it is for retrieving information

  2.Post:?it is for posting new information to database such as sign up for a website

  3.Put & Patch:?it is for updating things or editing them

  4.Delete:?it is for deleting things

  For now, these information are some basic concept to start with. As I continue to learn the course, I will share more study notes with you.